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Our services

The universe of bags is an extremely diverse and complex world. Each person is individual with different taste and style. Our bags and services are just as diverse. As second-hand bags, we focus exclusively on bags. We would like to offer a colorful bouquet of services, designers and models. Not only can you rent bags from us, but you can also sell designer bags through us and, of course, also buy designer bags .

How to sell a bag through us

Let us know which model it is exactly. We would be happy to make you a concrete offer. Depending on the case, we buy for direct payment or we sell the bag on commission.

All detailed information on the process and prices can be found under Sell With Us

How to buy a bag from us

You will find a comprehensive range of unique bags at

We currently have over 1000 bags in our range that are looking for a new owner. Don't keep them waiting any longer!

"Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag"

Elizabeth Taylor